Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary

Founded in 1941 by Archbishop Arthur W. Brooks (Mar John Emmanuel), first Primate of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, Holy Apostles Glastonbury Biblical Seminary remains the seminary of the Apostolic Episcopal Church today.

The activities of the Seminary were first sanctioned by the laws of the State of New York, art. 3-A. no. 50, chap. 597 of the Laws of 1932, which empowers the Apostolic Episcopal Church to grant ecclesiastical degrees of orders in theology.

At the present time, the Seminary awards a Certificate in Theology for Ministry to graduates, which is designed to be the equivalent of a first degree in theology for the purpose of ordination in the Apostolic Episcopal Church.

The work of the Seminary is conducted entirely by mentored study, with ordinands assigned to an experienced member of clergy who prepares them for the requirements of the programme. Much of the work is usually done via correspondence, with the programme of study arranged to take account of the candidate’s prior education, experience and to allow for the exploration of particular areas of interest. The core areas of Biblical Theology, Church History and Ministry form the basis of the programme, together with elective study in a range of subjects. The precise availability of electives will depend on the expertise of available mentors and examiners, although it is also possible to transfer in credit from other seminaries and tertiary institutions.

There are no central fees for ordinands, but ordinands are expected to pay an honorarium to their mentor and to cover any costs of obtaining books and other materials themselves. They must also cover any costs incurred in external mentoring or taking credit for transfer at other institutions.