Easter 2019

He is risen as He said, notwithstanding the opposition, deceit and craft of men. They might as well have undertaken to have prevented the sun from rising. And they might as well try to stop its shining as to prevent the light of Divine truth from shining. They can make it measurably dark for themselves, but the light is bound to shine. Its powerful rays pierce the tomb and even the oppositions of men. He is risen as He said; not as Origen, Plato, Swedenborg, or anybody else said. The literal resurrection of the Lord is a vital point in the Gospel; and as soon as He was dead and buried Satan began to contrive to contravene it. But it came and they knew it; and to prevent His disciples from knowing it, the chief priests and elders concocted a lie and paid for its publication. That bare-faced lie never did a millionth of the injury to the Gospel that the spiritualizing philosophy of later days has.

From “Rod and staff or correction and comfort, a book of religious miscellany” (1889), p. 477.

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Christmas 2018

The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all a very happy Christmas.

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“Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. – Matt. 18:2-6

“But if my son dies now, I will instruct lawyers to start private prosecution of every single person who helps to make that happen,” he said.

“You say that to withdraw life support from a sick child is a humane medical act – I say it is murder. You say that using force to prevent me from trying to save his life is no more than upholding the law – I say it is murder. You say you are acting in the best interests of the child. Perhaps King Herod used that phrase, too,” he continued. 

“I will not allow you to kill my son just because a bunch of smug lawyers in London has concluded this would be good for him. If you make my son die tomorrow, you will face justice from a jury of your twelve countrymen in this world, and a terrible judgement of God in the world to come.” – Thomas Evans, father of Alfie Evans

Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans
by Canon Luca Scotto di Tella de’ Douglas, AEC Representative in Italy

Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans

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Easter 2018

The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all a very happy Easter.

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Christmas 2017

The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all a very happy Christmas.

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The Apostolic Episcopal Church is featured in the journal “Polish Free Mason”

The current edition of the journal Wolnomularz Polski – The Polish Free Mason – includes an article on the Apostolic Episcopal Church and its relationship to Freemasonry.


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Bestowal of the Sokolnicki Medals at ceremony in Poland

On 24 April a ceremony took place in Poland at which the Juliusz Sokolnicki Memorial Medals were presented by H.E. Dr Norbert Wójtowicz, Grand Prior for Continental Europe of the San Luigi Orders. The Medals, which are awarded in silver and in gold, were instituted by the Apostolic Episcopal Church to commemorate the late Count Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki, who was a bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church. They are charity medals and for each medal, a donation will be made to support activity centres for children from poor families in Wrocław, Poland.

Dr Wójtowicz presents the Gold Medal to Ryszard Złociński

Recipients of the Sokolnicki Medals in Gold: Stanisław August Chmura, Maciej Myczka and Ryszard Złociński.

Recipients of the Sokolnicki Medals in Silver: Jerzy Mieczysław Korwin Małaczyński, Wacław Nowak, Jolanta Cieśla Zagórska, Jan Stanisław Posiew.

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Death of the Revd. Richard Pumphrey

The sudden death of the Revd. Richard Pumphrey as a result of injuries sustained in a car accident has deprived the Apostolic Episcopal Church of one of her most effective priests.

Charles Richard Pumphrey was born in 1947 in Evansville, Indiana. Strongly traditionalist in his beliefs, his advocacy of traditional Anglicanism was of a piece with a worldview that he saw as defending a threatened Western civilization. He graduated with an Associate of Arts degree with a major in Bible from Freed Hardeman College in 1967 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education and History from David Lipscomb College, Tennessee, in 1969, also studying for a year at Memphis Theological Seminary. In 2003 he received the degree of Master of Theology in Pastoral Counseling from Campbellsville University, Kentucky.

Faced with the modernist changes in the Anglican Communion that became particularly visible towards the end of the twentieth-century, he initially joined the Orthodox Anglican Church. This church was founded as the Episcopal Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of America by Episcopalians in 1963, and was not originally a “continuing Anglican” body, but in 1999 a decision was taken that it would orientate itself to a greater extent with the Continuum, with its name changing to the Orthodox Anglican Church in 2005. He was ordained deacon in 2001 and priest in 2002 by that church’s presiding bishop, the Most Revd. Scott McLaughlin. In 2002, he received the degree of Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from St Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary of the Orthodox Anglican Church, and then served that seminary as a professor between 2002 and 2008. He also undertook pastoral charges as associate priest of Holy Apostles, a Bolivian ministry in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (2004-06), and student chaplain to Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital in Danville, Kentucky (2003). He also served as chaplain to his local fire department for several years.

In secular life, he worked in the field of insurance, and was latterly Senior Field Representative for the Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company.

In April 2008, faced with declining opportunities for ministry in the OAC, he was received into the Anglican Catholic Church, one of the Continuing Anglican churches that derived from the 1977 Congress of St Louis, and was inducted as celebrant at All Saints, Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. He was advanced to Rector of that church in May 2010.

Later that year, he became interested in the opportunities for ministry in the Ecclesia Apostolica Divinorum Mysteriorum, a new communion of the Apostolic Episcopal Church that had been formed with a specific mission towards the inner and contemplative traditions. He was received by incardination into EADM from the ACC in December 2010 and subsequently licensed as a priest in the Apostolic Episcopal Church in February 2015. He was further admitted to membership in the First Class of the Order of Antioch and to membership of the Order of Corporate Reunion.

He was married five times, lastly in 2012 to Tricia, who survives him. Their marriage was close and resulted in a loving home life. One interest they shared was the raising of chickens. By his first marriage he had two daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, and with his fourth wife he adopted Stephanie. He was also a foster parent and between 2002-07 he served as Chairman of the Washington and Marion County, Kentucky, Foster Care Review Board and as a member of the Interested Party Review Board.

Richard Pumphrey was passionate about making a difference to the world around him. He was politically engaged in what he believed was a struggle for the survival of Western civilization and the Christian values that were at its heart. He advocated for the American Freedom Party and, via social media, was a frequent commentator on political and social issues. In all of this, he avoided any suggestion of bigotry or hatred and grounded his commentary in sound religious principle, careful research and a genuine regard for his community. He also displayed a sense of humour that made his writings accessible and invited others to share his world and the deeply-held values that illuminated it. One of the most significant roles that he took on was as a mentor to young people interested in Traditional Anglicanism.

Our thoughts and prayers at this time are with his widow Tricia and his family.

Memory Eternal! Memory Eternal! Memory Eternal!

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St Alban’s Church, Buenos Aires, joins the AEC

The Apostolic Episcopal Church has received St Alban’s Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina, into membership. St Alban’s is a Continuing Anglican community meeting at a church in Buenos Aires for worship according to the Book of Common Prayer and Bible study.

The Deacon-in-charge of St Alban’s, the Revd. M.R. Salguero, has been incardinated and the Lay Reader, Mr Edward A. Kesting, has been appointed within the AEC.

Details of worship arrangements and location can be found on the Missions page.


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New agreement with the Venerabile Confraternita di Maria Ss.ma del Buonconsiglio della Buona Morte e Misericordia, Città di Castello, Italy

The Apostolic Episcopal Church has entered into a Treaty of Full Collaboration, Partnership, Accreditation and Recognition with the Venerabile Confraternita (o Compagnia) detta del Buonconsiglio di Città di Castello and the OR.VEN. – Ordine Venerabile della Venerabile Confraternita di Maria Ss.ma del Buonconsiglio della Buona Morte e Misericordia, Città di Castello, Italy (Order of the Venerable Confraternity (or Company), known as of (Our Lady of) Good Counsel of Good Death and Mercy of Città di Castello). This chivalric and Christian brotherhood can trace its origins to the last years of the first millennium (990-999 A.D.) and in its present form dates to 1230, making it probably the oldest religious brotherhood in continuous existence today. The Order is based at Città di Castello (Province of Perugia) where it has its own Magistral Church, and is governed by a Grand Prior (Grand Master). Dr Kersey has the honour to be a Perpetuum (Grand Cross) of the Order, its highest rank.

>>Further information


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Easter 2017

He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

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Christmas 2016


The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes everyone a very happy Christmas.

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Launch of the Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools

aacs-armsThe Apostolic Episcopal Church has publicly launched the Anglican Association of Colleges and Schools as a ministry for the wider Anglican community.

The Association’s mission is to assure the maintenance of high standards in Christian education. It is international in scope and is a non-profit body. It serves both those educational institutions established by the Apostolic Episcopal Church and those in the wider Christian community, with an emphasis on those institutions that define themselves as broadly Anglican in ethos, whether or not they are affiliated to the Anglican Communion. The Association does not discriminate based on denominational affiliation, and is also open to institutions that are non-denominational in their approach.

The website of the Association is at www.anglicanaccredited.org.

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A Reflection for Orthodox Easter

by Primate Emeritus Mar Timotheos III (Francis Spataro)

This year Orthodox Easter comes at an especial time for all the Eastern Churches: Orthodox, Oriental and the Venerable Church of the East!

ISIS has devastated the Fertile Triangle, the geographic area including Syria, Iraq, Southeastern Turkey and Kurdistan.

This land was sacred in Biblical times and as the excavations at Gobekli Tepe illustrate, the very foundations of our religious heritage. ISIS persecution of the Yazidi religion committed Genocide against a 20,000 year old tradition!

The Christian population of the Fertile Triangle has declined to its lowest in centuries. Are we in the Final Days?

Certainly if the Terrorists can avail themselves of the nuclear weapons stockpiled in the area among Israel, India and Pakistan it would herald the very End of the World as we know it.

How did we come to this point in history? Who is to blame? Humanity has lost its way. Islam seems to appear to be the Cause ,but there is another reason, not so easily apparent. It is the World we have inherited: after two World Wars and the conflict between Capitalism and Communism! Religion took a back seat to it all and now under the guise of Fundamentalist Islam is seeking to dominate the World  Stage. The Pope and the Patriarch have stepped into the refugee crisis! But the EU is overwhelmed as ISIS planned.

What an Easter for Christians in the East!

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Charity medals in memory of Bishop Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki


The Primate has authorized the issue of two charity medals in memory of the late Bishop Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki. The Most Revd. Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki (1920-2009) served as Assistant Bishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Church in Great Britain both as deputy to the late Archbishop-Count George Boyer and as bishop with special responsibilities for the Polish-speaking peoples. He was consecrated for the Apostolic Episcopal Church on 27 May 1983.

Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki is best-known in his capacity as the head of one of the two entities that maintained rival claims to be the Polish government-in-exile between 1971 and the fall of communism in 1990. He was Prince Grand Master of the Order of St Stanislas.

The Charity Medals are issued in gold (for outstanding merit) and silver. The silver medal is available for a donation of PLN 120 which includes an individually-named certificate signed by the Primate. For each medal, a donation will be made to support activity centres for children from poor families in Wrocław, Poland.

If you would like to receive the silver charity medal, please write to Dr Norbert Wójtowicz who is co-ordinating the project and can receive your donation. He can be reached at keeperofthelaws@wp.pl

Below are pictures of the gold and silver medals. The ribbon is based on the colours used for the arms of Bishop Juliusz Nowina-Sokolnicki. The reverse of the medal bears the arms of the Apostolic Episcopal Church.

Sokolnicki medal obverseSokolnicki medal reverse

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Easter 2016

The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all a very happy Easter.


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Christmas 2015


The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all our members, friends and visitors to our website a very Happy and Holy Christmas.

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Anglican – Oriental Orthodox International Commission Agreed Statement on Christology

The Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission has been working on an Agreed Statement on Christology for many years, and this has led to the publication of an initial statement in 2002 that was revised in 2014. This has now been signed by representatives of the churches concerned following meetings between theologians in Gladstone’s Library at Hawarden, North Wales.

The full text of the statement can be read here.

The Apostolic Episcopal Church takes a close ecumenical interest in such developments. While the AEC, as a Continuing Anglican denomination, is not a member of the Anglican Communion, it nevertheless shares with that communion a common Anglican identity, history, worship and traditions. Likewise, there has in the past been extensive contact between the AEC and several of the Oriental Orthodox churches.

The Statement affirms the understanding of both parties of the hypostatic union. Crucially, it explicitly rejects the heretical position of Monophysitism. In the past, the AEC and its constituent communions have likewise expressed their rejection of Monophysitism, and have ascribed that position to churches of the Oriental Orthodox family. The present Statement allows us to move forward by acknowledging that the Oriental Orthodox churches do not hold that erroneous understanding of Christology today, but instead agree with Anglicans in a Christological understanding that is common to all of Orthodoxy and to Catholicism.

There remain significant differences in faith between the Oriental Orthodox and Anglicans. The Oriental Orthodox hold the non-Chalcedonian position, whereby they do not accept the fourth to seventh Ecumenical Councils as de fide. By contrast, traditional Anglicans including the AEC hold that all seven Ecumenical Councils are de fide and must be accepted as an integral part of the Orthodox Faith.

The AEC continues to be open to dialogue and ecumenical co-operation with the Oriental Orthodox churches, and to pray for the continuing progress of the work of the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission.

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Book review by Archbishop Spataro

Prophetess of Global Warming – A Book Review by Francis C. Spataro

The Seer of Bayside: Veronica Lueken and the Struggle to Define Catholicism. Joseph P. Laycock. Oxford University Press. $29.95. 250pp.

This is one book I really did not want to review because it dredges up too many of my deep antagonisms about the Papal Church. My first encounter with Veronica Lueken occurred in 1976 when I founded the Vilatte Guild and was interviewed by a New York news reporter named Ryan who wrote an article about my opposition to Pope Paul VI. Veronica wrote me a note encouraging my stance. Little did I know then of her feelings about Pope Paul VI!

Veronica’s visions or locutions as they are called in this book were declared to be unauthentic by her Bishop and his investigators. This was because of their content: criticism of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church and the Papacy. However, her prophecies have proved very true: the bombing of the World Trade Center, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as the FEMA corruption in their wake. She has proved right on Global Warming, the rise of sea levels and coastland inundations. So what is inauthentic about her locutions?

All recent Marian visions warn of apocalyptic future devastation! God’s Messengers are forewarning humanity of coming chastisement or as Veronica called it “The Sphere of Redemption”.

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Easter 2015

The Apostolic Episcopal Church wishes all our members and visitors a very happy Easter.


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