The Missions of the Apostolic Episcopal Church constitute its tangible engagement with the work of the Lord, offering opportunities for worship, instruction and fellowship. As a geographically widespread church, small in numbers, the challenges of mission are significant, and the promulgation of a List of Missions is as much an aid to members of our church in keeping in contact with their co-religionists as a guide to those who are new to us. It should not be thought, however, that our scattered nature compromises our witness to Christ. Unity in faith and vision is a strength of our communion, and our aspiration is to build on that strength in the years to come.

>>Information for Roman Catholics interested in attending our missions

United States

The work of the Apostolic Episcopal Church in the United States is divided into four Provinces: East, West, Central and South, of which the East is the parent Province, reflecting the legislative Charter held by the Church in the State of New York. All Provinces are currently under the aegis of the Archbishop of the United States of America.

Province of the South


Staffed by the Rexist Brothers & Sisters of the Order of Christ Our Most Holy Redeemer and Heavenly King
205 East Commercial St.
P.O.BOX 171, Exeter, MO  65647
(417)  835-2102

Located on the Grounds are the Manse which houses the Pastoral Center, the Archbishop John Charles Maier, OCR, Theological Library & Archives,  the Christ the King Oratory (used for smaller Liturgical Celebrations) and the Living Quarters for the Rexists in Residence.

The Chapel is appointed with Antiques & Liturgical Relics from many Chapels, Churches and Oratories and used in Service by those Saintly men and women who were the fore-bearers of our glorious Tradition. It is hallmarked with a framed Icon of St. Joseph of Arimathea encased with a cutting of the Glastonbury Thorn, a unique framed image of St. Mary Magdalene that captivates all who gaze upon it, a Statue of St. Augustine of Hippo in full Pontificals from the historic Cathedral pastored by Archbishop Emile Rodriguez y Fairfield in East Los Angeles, California dating back to the early 1900s, a framed Parchment Document some 200 years old issued by a French Archbishop and the Cathedra (chair) of Archbishop John Barwell-Walker, sixth Prince de San Luigi (as Edmond I).

The Holy Eucharist and all other Rites and Sacraments are celebrated weekly or daily and depending on the feast or day of the week in the chapel adjacent to the Manse or in the Oratory within it. Please call or email for further information.



Anglican Mission of Christ the King
Cleric Samuel Isaiah William Boye Johnson
Seminarian Cleric in Charge
GT 038-7609 Bamboo Street, Greater Accra Region, Tema District, Accra, Ghana.
Mailing address: PO Box SK 2105, Sakumono, Accra, Ghana.
Under the aegis of the AEC Archbishop of America
Call or email for times and dates of all Services

Latin America


The Revd. Deacon M.R. Salguero
Meeting at Avda. Juan de Garay 1623, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Holy Communion Service: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays of the Month. 4th Sunday – Matins and Sermon / Morning Prayer with Anglican plain chant (BCP 1662 in English / 1928 in Spanish). Bible Studies: 2nd Tuesday of the month.


Anglican Parish of the Holy Trinity
Cleric Paulo Felipe Silva
Missionary Cleric Seminarian in Charge

Services Schedule
8:00 a.m.  Contemplative Prayer
5:30 p.m.  Evening Prayer
5:30 p.m.  Bible Study
6:00 p.m.  Worship of the family
Sermon: Cleric Paulo Felipe Silva

Address: Rua São José, 152 – João Paulo, 65041-440, São Luís – Maranhão
Cell phone: 55 98 987769678
Email: parishofholytrinity@outlook.com
Website: http://holytrinityparish.weebly.com (under construction)
Established 2006 – Under the aegis of the AEC Archbishop of America


Scandinavian Vicariate
The Very Revd. Benny Freilow, Vicar-General

Great Britain

Ministry in Great Britain is now conducted via Community Services Ministries, a long-standing mission of practical assistance to those in need in the local community. Although small and with limited resources to draw upon, CSM undertakes a wide range of work among those in need and seeks to bring knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ to those who are at present outside the reach of the Church.

In addition, occasional services take place at a number of churches and other places of worship, sometimes in collaboration with other denominations.