Information for those churches seeking intercommunion with the AEC

The Apostolic Episcopal Church welcomes enquiries from other churches and autonomous religious bodies (such as independent religious orders) that may be interested in exploring or seeking intercommunion with us.

Intercommunion is not a position whereby dogmatic agreement on every aspect of faith and practice is to be expected. Were such agreement to be found, merger rather than intercommunion would likely be a better course of action. Instead, the Apostolic Episcopal Church looks for substantial similarities in faith and practice, such that any relationship is likely to endure into the long term and prove productive for both parties concerned. Relationships of intercommunion are usually conditional on both parties retaining their autonomy in governance and acknowledging that of each other, and undertaking to act in concert in matters of common interest.

The Apostolic Episcopal Church does not generally consider intercommunion with churches that are recently founded and have yet to establish a stable identity. It lays strong emphasis on canonicity and historical continuity, holding that its purpose is to act as a centre of unity for those communions which have a clear identity and mission, and that have not been formed purely for the personal benefit of their clergy or as a protest against some other entity. It expects that any church should be registered or organized in such a way as to establish it as a non-profit or charitable entity in its jurisdiction.

Discussion with the Apostolic Episcopal Church may be initiated by sending email to its Secretariat, using the email address