Archbishop Josephus Johannes Palumbo

Archbishop Josephus Johannes Palumbo, OCR, was educated at military academy and at a minor seminary of the Roman Catholic Church before entering the major seminary of the Polish National Catholic Church. Upon graduation in 1976 he was ordained to the priesthood. He holds the earned degrees of Bachelor of Ministry, Bachelor of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry and Doctor of Religion.

Consecrated bishop in 1980, he has spent the past forty-two years in active parochial ministry in eighteen states of the United States and three foreign countries. He was received into the Order of Christ the King (established in Leeds, UK, in 1900) on the Feast of St Matthew 2006 at the Manse and Chancery in Laguna Beach, California. Upon the death of Archbishop John Charles Maier, OCR, he succeeded as the fifth Master-General of the Order.

Since early 2004 he has offered ministry from the heart of the Missouri Ozarks, and from the present location of the Manse and Chapel of St Mary Magdalene on the Hill since December 2008. The Chapel was constructed on land purchased adjacent to the present Manse, financed by a twelve year mortgage (paid off in nine years). Both buildings have been recently remodelled and landscape work done to the grounds. They are appointed with numerous beautiful church antiques and items of historical interest. A full schedule of worship takes place and is open to all. The chapel can easily be identified to visitors by the sign at the street entrance.

Archbishop Joseph is engaged in full-time Church ministry. His wife, Sister Maria Graciela, OCR, is active in missionary outreach and acts as community relations liaison.