Easter 2019

He is risen as He said, notwithstanding the opposition, deceit and craft of men. They might as well have undertaken to have prevented the sun from rising. And they might as well try to stop its shining as to prevent the light of Divine truth from shining. They can make it measurably dark for themselves, but the light is bound to shine. Its powerful rays pierce the tomb and even the oppositions of men. He is risen as He said; not as Origen, Plato, Swedenborg, or anybody else said. The literal resurrection of the Lord is a vital point in the Gospel; and as soon as He was dead and buried Satan began to contrive to contravene it. But it came and they knew it; and to prevent His disciples from knowing it, the chief priests and elders concocted a lie and paid for its publication. That bare-faced lie never did a millionth of the injury to the Gospel that the spiritualizing philosophy of later days has.

From “Rod and staff or correction and comfort, a book of religious miscellany” (1889), p. 477.

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