Death of Mgr. Roger Fawcett

100_2051galileeThe death has been announced of Mgr. Roger Fawcett, priest of the Old Roman Catholic Church and Dean of St Lucy’s Old Roman Catholic Cathedral in New York.

Mgr. Fawcett, who resided in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, served as a priest for 25 years in a wide range of settings. He served at St. Leonard’s, St. Augustine’s, Ss. Johns and Holy Trinity, St. Columba and St. Lucy’s churches in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He was appointed Dean of St Lucy’s in 2009 and came to know many of the AEC and OCR clergy through their involvement there. An indication of the regard in which he was held was that he was at one point entrusted with the responsibility of a parochial vicariate in the Roman Catholic Church. The photograph above shows him on a visit to the Holy Land.

Before being ordained by the late Archbishop James Hubert Rogers, Primate of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church, at the age of 43, Mgr. Fawcett was a professional actor and appeared all over America in productions in the Musical Theatre as well as Shakespeare, Shaw, Moliere and all the moderns. He supported Bob Goulet, John Raitt, Bernadette Peters, Celeste Holm, William Bendix, Richard Kiley and many other stars. He starred in commercials, appeared in two pre-Broadway productions and a dozen Off-Broadway shows.

As a priest, Mgr. Fawcett taught at St. Francis Seminary (Brooklyn; now defunct), lectured at Hunter College, New York University, Lock Haven State College and Beloit College, and served as Retreat Master for hundreds of retreats all over the east coast and midwest, mostly for people in recovery, for the Matt Talbott organization. He performed hundreds of weddings, again as far as Hawaii.

Mgr. Fawcett lived within close reach of Ground Zero and wrote movingly of his ministry after the attacks of 9/11. He was a friend of Fr. Mychal Judge who lost his life that day. He said “I know my heart will never again be the same. Yet, I also know – don’t ask me how it may be possible because He does indeed work in mysterious ways – that I have several thousand new friends who walk with me and protect me in a way I’ve never known before.”

A Requiem Mass will be held at St Lucy’s Cathedral on 19 November at 1pm.


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