OCR consecration and ordination

ocr2At 10.30am on Sunday 13 November, at Holy Cross African Orthodox Cathedral, 122 West 129th Street, Harlem, New York City, NY 10027, OCR Universal Primate Archbishop Michael Kline OCR OA will consecrate to the Sacred Episcopate Canon Nicholas Acres, who is dean of the Cathedral. He will also promote from the Sacred Diaconate to the Sacred Priesthood Piotr Ryzy OCR, who is Patriarch-elect of the American World Patriarchates in succession to his late father Patriarch Yuri I, and anoint him as Archpriest. These ordinations will be within and for the Order of Corporate Reunion and will use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and extracts from the Use of Sarum.

The day will also formally honour the late Patriarch Yuri I and Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, Universal Primate of the Order of Corporate Reunion, who will be commemorated in the Mass. Archbishop Brennan was responsible for the election of Canon Acres to the Episcopate and the late Patriarch Yuri nominated his son for elevation as agreed with the bishops of the AWP in Argentina. Both requested that Archbishop Kline perform the ceremony. Members of the Ryzy and Brennan families have been invited to join the congregation.

Archbishop Kline will be assisted by Archbishop Rod Rickard OCR (Master of Ceremonies) and Archbishop John Payne OCR with other bishops of the OCR invited to participate.

Funds are solicited both to meet the expenses of those attending – some of whom are flying from a considerable distance – and to help with the ongoing repair costs of the Cathedral. If you can help, please contact Archbishop Kline at lustral_water@yahoo.com.

We wish all concerned every blessing for a successful day.

The Ukaz issued by the bishops of the American World Patriarchs in Argentina in respect of the elevation of Deacon Ryzy is attached below:

>>AWP Ukaz for the elevation of Deacon Ryzy

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