A Reflection for Orthodox Easter

by Primate Emeritus Mar Timotheos III (Francis Spataro)

This year Orthodox Easter comes at an especial time for all the Eastern Churches: Orthodox, Oriental and the Venerable Church of the East!

ISIS has devastated the Fertile Triangle, the geographic area including Syria, Iraq, Southeastern Turkey and Kurdistan.

This land was sacred in Biblical times and as the excavations at Gobekli Tepe illustrate, the very foundations of our religious heritage. ISIS persecution of the Yazidi religion committed Genocide against a 20,000 year old tradition!

The Christian population of the Fertile Triangle has declined to its lowest in centuries. Are we in the Final Days?

Certainly if the Terrorists can avail themselves of the nuclear weapons stockpiled in the area among Israel, India and Pakistan it would herald the very End of the World as we know it.

How did we come to this point in history? Who is to blame? Humanity has lost its way. Islam seems to appear to be the Cause ,but there is another reason, not so easily apparent. It is the World we have inherited: after two World Wars and the conflict between Capitalism and Communism! Religion took a back seat to it all and now under the guise of Fundamentalist Islam is seeking to dominate the World  Stage. The Pope and the Patriarch have stepped into the refugee crisis! But the EU is overwhelmed as ISIS planned.

What an Easter for Christians in the East!

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