“Orden Benedictina Comunion Luterana Episcopal” is not associated with the AIELC

The Association of Independent Evangelical Lutheran Churches (AIELC), which is an intercommunion partner of the Apostolic Episcopal Church, has stated that it has no association with an organization calling itself “Orden Benedictina Comunion Luterana Episcopal”, which maintains a website at http://hilasterio-psxlabora.galeon.com.

At the webpage http://hilasterio-psxlabora.galeon.com/amigos2082296.html several photographs are reproduced of bishops of the AIELC. At least one of those photographs has been taken without permission from this website. None of the bishops concerned – Drs Spataro, Brennan and Bravo-Guzman – are associated in any way with the “Orden Benedictina Comunion Luterana Episcopal”.

falseclaimsJose Gregorio Perez Estrada, who claims to be bishop of this body, is not known to the AIELC in any capacity whatsoever, and has never met or corresponded with any of its clergy. Attempts by clergy of the AIELC to establish contact with him have been unsuccessful and it has not been possible to establish that any community, Benedictine or otherwise, actually exists under his aegis. The public is therefore warned that any representation made by this individual and group in regard to association with the AIELC is wholly false.

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