Dedication of new Archiepiscopal Chapel in California

Today has seen the dedication of the Archiepiscopal Chapel of the Cathedral Parish of St Francis of Assisi and St Anthony of Padua at Elk Grove, California, by Archbishop Tony Scuderi, AEC Provincial of the West and Central Provinces.

Dr Scuderi has been working for some time on providing a space for public worship since he and his wife Heather moved to Elk Grove, and the photographs below show the results of this endeavour, including the dedication Mass and the blessing of the cornerstone. His mission strongly reflects his Franciscan heritage and is directed to all who are in need. The Eucharist is offered each Sunday with additional services as notified. Contact details can be found on the Missions page.

+++Tony at altar hand extended for final blessing 14 adding water to the wine 9 Beginning Mass 8 Blessing the entrance to the Cathedral Mission Church 5 Epiklesis 13 Heather reading the Epistle 12 Incensing the gifts 10 Knocking on the entrance door 4 Peace be to you 13 Reading the Gospel 12 Removing Miter for prayer over the gifts 14 The blessing of the corner stone 6 The blessing of the entrance before sprinkling 3 the corner stone blessing 7 The corner stone in place 8 the corner stone wall 15 the sacred space 1 the sacred space 2 through him with him 11

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