Book review by Archbishop Spataro

Prophetess of Global Warming – A Book Review by Francis C. Spataro

The Seer of Bayside: Veronica Lueken and the Struggle to Define Catholicism. Joseph P. Laycock. Oxford University Press. $29.95. 250pp.

This is one book I really did not want to review because it dredges up too many of my deep antagonisms about the Papal Church. My first encounter with Veronica Lueken occurred in 1976 when I founded the Vilatte Guild and was interviewed by a New York news reporter named Ryan who wrote an article about my opposition to Pope Paul VI. Veronica wrote me a note encouraging my stance. Little did I know then of her feelings about Pope Paul VI!

Veronica’s visions or locutions as they are called in this book were declared to be unauthentic by her Bishop and his investigators. This was because of their content: criticism of the post-Vatican II Catholic Church and the Papacy. However, her prophecies have proved very true: the bombing of the World Trade Center, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as the FEMA corruption in their wake. She has proved right on Global Warming, the rise of sea levels and coastland inundations. So what is inauthentic about her locutions?

All recent Marian visions warn of apocalyptic future devastation! God’s Messengers are forewarning humanity of coming chastisement or as Veronica called it “The Sphere of Redemption”.

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